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Hills of Hems

Teatowel Barbecue Club

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Introducing our 100% cotton tea towel with a lovely print! It's soft, durable and highly absorbent, measuring 50 x 60 cm.

Made in Portugal and printed in the Netherlands, this towel has a unique design that adds style and personality to any kitchen. It's perfect for drying dishes and wiping spills. This tea towel makes a wonderful gift for any occasion or a treat for yourself.


Tea Towel
100% cotton
50 x 60 Size

produced in Portugal
printed in the Netherlands

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Teatowel Barbecue Club
Teatowel Barbecue Club
Teatowel Barbecue Club
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Sustainable products produced green

Product origin

Our kitchen towels are produced locally in social workshops, where people with disabilities or other disadvantages can work in a supportive environment. The production process involves spinning raw cotton into yarn, weaving the fabric, and dyeing. The printing is done in the Netherlands, a country known for its high-quality textile printing.

After production, the kitchen towels are carefully inspected for quality and packaged for sale. The use of locally-produced kitchen towels not only supports the economy but also promotes sustainable and ethical manufacturing practices. Additionally, purchasing from social workshops can help provide employment opportunities for individuals who may face barriers to traditional employment.


Best time of the year

Spring's beauty is in the air with blooming flowers and fresh growth. It's time to pack away winter tableware and bring out the colorful, lively designs. Don't forget to update tea towels too to add a touch of spring to your kitchen.

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