Produce sustainably in the region.

hillsofhems x Blauherz.Style without borders

Beautiful and functional products produced green. 

Appealing and individual table decorations have always inspired us. Creating a beautiful atmosphere with simple means is our passion. We, that is Bee, Sil and Rika, who have been shaped by a strong friendship since 1994, have made it our task to develop a concept brand – around the table.  

We have decided to do so by working with our new partner Blauherz.  Style without borders not only regionally and sustainably to produce, but also socially, and the creation of jobs for people with disabilities at Blauherz. to support. We are very proud to work with the inclusion company.

  We consistently look at our ecological footprint and try to optimize the resources used in all areas. We buy goods exclusively in Europe and pay attention to fair trade. We produce a large part of our products directly in Weinheim, in this case together with the inclusive model label Blauherz, and refine directly in the neighborhood. Short distances and the support of the local craft are important to us. 

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